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  • Practice Setup

    I am a V-Pro user that has added several pads to my setup which I use consistantly. The problem is that when we practice every weekend moving this damn kit gets real old! Keeping the kit in a central location is not an option because I have a few differenty projects cooking at once. I really would like to setup a practice kit making a custom stand (hopefully purchasing an existing one) and using a kick, snare, two toms, a ride and two crashes. I would like to have duplicate mounts so all I have to do is attach the drums to either stand based on my needs.

    Has anyone done anything like this? Any suggestions? Any Pictures?


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    I'm a bit confused. How does creating a second kit resolve your "moving this damn kit" problem? Sounds as though your always practicing at a new location.


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      Sounds as if rherhuth wants a second rack so that all he has to move is the pads and the brain... correct?

      \oo/_ :mad: _\oo/


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        Yeah, I suppose a new downsized rack is the key. I was just trying to put out some feelers to see if anyone has done something similar and if so what did they use for hardware.

        I should have elaborated a bit more...our song writing sessions are usually a lot of work with minimum play so instead of hauling a full kit around I want to use just a "basic" easy to move kit to lay down some grooves with. As we get closer to the "finals" I switch to the big kit. All the while I practice to the scratch tracks at home on the big kit.


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          Originally posted by rherhuth:
          ...our song writing sessions are usually a lot of work with minimum play so instead of hauling a full kit around I want to use just a "basic" easy to move kit to lay down some grooves with.
          If this were my situation, I'd pop for the HandSonic w/pedals.


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            ....Or the SPD-20 w/ pedals. Its a lot cheaper than the hpd-15 and its easier to trigger accurately, in my opinion. There are so many small triggers on the hpd-15. With the SPD-20 + a hh control pedal and kick trigger, you can have a full set and an auxilary, or a fourth tom, if you like. The spd-20 would make a nice addition to your set if you mounted it on the rack via APC-33 clamp set. just my 2 cents.


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              And since you already have a V-pro kit, you could take a hihat and PD120 snare pad with it as well.
              Music was my first love...


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                Check out my recent suggestion under "Tips & Tricks" called 'Build a Custom Rack'...With some tubing and t-clamps, and you can build anything you want!

                Good Luck!


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                  When I got my v-drums I purchased only 2 12-inch pads and 1 10-inch pad and the TD-10. Three pads only, mostly because I play jazz. I already had PD-7's from my TD-7 kit. I used four of them. Since I didn't want to use my TD-7 rack I took two double-braced cymbal-tom stands and I was able to mount everything on those stands except the snare, for which I used a regular snare stand. So three stands:

                  One snare stand, for the snare drum.

                  One cymb/tom stand, with a PD-7 (as a hihat trigger) on the left spike and the 10-inch pad on the right spike. PD-7 on the boom arm as a crash/addl ride/whatever.

                  One cymb/tom stand to the right of the stand above with PD-7 (as a ride) on the left spike and the 12" pad on the right spike as a floor tom. Another cymbal on the boom arm as a china, splash, addl. crash.

                  TD-10 was set flat on a folding chair I had lying around. Not recommended but I was careful and it worked for me.

                  Overall basic set, simple to set up and tear down. Since then I've gone and replaced the stands with the TD-7 set rack (decided not to sell it) and added a stick-type trigger pad and more cymbal arms, but basically I still play in a 4-piece drum set configuration.

                  So if you have any old stands from your acoustic days you can store them at your bandmates' places...at least they fold up and fit into closets.

                  Hmmm....I have some digital photos of the old stand setup...maybe I should have them posted on this site as the anti-monster set...