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What's The Word for When It All Comes Together

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  • What's The Word for When It All Comes Together

    After years of trying, I was finally able to do a proper Bossa Nova. 3/2 Clave over a Samba pattern. For whatever reason, I had some mental block that wouldn't let me do it. I think it was too many years of playing Bauhaus' Bela Lugosi's Dead, which has a 3/2 clave over a steady 4 on the floor.

    So anyway, it just fell together and now it feels natural.

    This happens a lot. You stop thinking and start playing.

    So what is this called? I know that what is occuring is called "independance." But what is that transition between struggle and effortlessness called?

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    mmm ahh mmm who?


    The Eureka moment?

    Trapped wind?

    Whatever it is i will have one please can we use UPS?
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      Intuitive drumming?
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        Righteous soul....
        Feeling it rather than thinking it...
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          Originally posted by Michael Render View Post
          But what is that transition between struggle and effortlessness called?
          Sounds like an epiphany.


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              Luck.............. Oh wait, is this not word association?


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                I would call it musclememory????

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                    how about "reverse entropy"


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                      You're not going anywhere near my reverse with that entropy!


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                          Originally posted by Synkopat View Post
                          I would call it musclememory????
                          I was Just reading an article on the subject and that is exactly what they call it. It's a pretty darn cool feeling


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                            Hey, I'm done, now on to the next challenge.
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                              I had some jazz-playing friends who referred to the kind of proficiency that allows what you hear in your head to translate effortlessly through your instrument as "flow".

                              IMO "muscle memory" is a misnomer. It all starts in the brain, and the brain is usually where things get bolixed up. Our musculature does not differ appreciably, and probably not even our nueral connections, but the workings of the brain are radically different from person to person. I think that you just managed to rewire your brain through repetition, to the point where conscious effort fell away and thought flowed directly to your limbs.