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New Tips & Tricks forum created!

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  • New Tips & Tricks forum created!

    This forum was created to cover tips and tricks as well as do-it-yourself topics. Enjoy.

    Eric Sands
    webmaster - vdrums.com

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    Once again you asked for it, you got it. Brian and Eric, we all too often forget you guys are there in the background making sure we all have free, troublefree access to this wonderful sight and I for one want to give you a standing O! O O OOOOOOO O O O O O O Thank you OO OO


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      Thank you very much!


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        Wow, you guys don't screw around.

        Thanks a bunch. You really para my diddle. (and I mean that in the best possible way).

        By the way, my response from the Logistix site wasn't good. They seem pretty intent on keeping a fee. So, all the better that we have a free forum here.


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          Thanks guys...you are the best!


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            tip#1 use gigtray by mgt/rythumtech under module,with mod. on a cymbal boom to a bracket on rack frame. this allows mod. to be tilted vertical and higher so you look @ it not over to & down to it.
            tip#2 another rythum tech gig tray below that to a bracket on frame for headphones.
            if you want addtl. they make tray extentions to expand on left & right sides of tray.
            tip #3 gibralter frame brackets are too expensive,use "sound precussion" brand @ guitar ctr. 1/2 the price twice better than those roland stock ones that come w/rack .
            these things allow toms to sweep left to right w/ a curve and alot more "swing" adj.
            note; ..... I am not a rep. for this stuff just a happy user V_PRO.