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mesh head construction

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  • mesh head construction

    anyone ever tried making mesh heads? like finding the mesh material and stretching it over an old drumhead collar?

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    As some pad manufacturers have found to their cost, Roland mesh heads are not just any old piece of material stretched over a pad. Early offerings by other makers were single mesh, and in the case of Pintech I think they are still single mesh. Notice how when you play on a PD 120 apart from the positional detection functioning correctly you will find that overall volume against strike force is the same across the skin. This is because the skin is made up in two layers with the weave of the bottom layer at 45 degrees to the upper layer. The effect of this is to make the skin much stiffer under tension with only small differences in defomation for a given strike force across the head. Roland then use a bit of software on the trigger signal to achieve even volume response and ultimately positional detection.

    So get the glue out.



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      It seems like building the head is possibility, as long as a proper kind of mesh could be found. There has been some other folks expressing interest both in this forum and at But, nobody has yet to offer a suggestion of where to find an appropriate mesh material. I was thinking maybe an industrial aquarium supplier (such as for large aquariums and marine labs) may have some kind of mesh filter or screen that might be used, but I haven't really looked into it.


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        Here we go !!
        I've used hart heads when they were single mesh and had two heads go in one night (This is caused by the high tightness required to get good positional detection with a 13" head.) Latest heads are much better (double skin and less prone to peel out of the hoop at high tension) but because the material of construction is heavier, dynamics suffer. (My opinion ).

        Try before you buy !!



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          i found a place that has all kinds of different weaves and plys of mesh kevlar and other materials . i doubt roland makes there mesh and i doubt remo makes the mesh for roland . someone else does and if you had the material it might be fun to try to make the 20 dollar heads for 5


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            Does this place have a website you could post? Or, can you get trade names of these materials that we could do an internet search for?



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              Remo does make Roland's heads for them. I know this because Bill Reeves of pursued the idea at one point to have Remo make mesh heads for the Remo practice pads-- has anyone noticed how loud remo's pads can be? They said they could not do it because of their legal agreement with Roland.

              Talking with Jonathan Karow... he mentioned that at some point Pintech changed the material used in their silentech mesh... he said they used to use Nylon (which was too stretchy, but now they use Polyester, like Roland.. Hmmmmm....


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                polyester huh? for some reason i thought it was kevlar.hmmm but i really dont know what thy are made from its a mystery!


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                  so are the new pintech heads still single ply mesh heads though?


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                    I think BtnkBndt once mentioned that the Pintech heads (old and new) are single ply; however, he did say that he tried a 12" pintech head on his PD-120, and it worked the same, in spite of its single-ply'dness.

                    Josh T