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    Sorry to read about your tinnitus. Hope you will learn to ignore it. I've had it since I was a teen and I'm 57 now. I tried hearing aids, but that turned everything into a roar and just made everything worse, so I just live with it. I may try them again, but they're freaking expensive (gonna check hearing aid store). Mine started when I started playing in bands and gradually got worse and worse. My hobbies all tend to be around loud environments. My hearing is altered.
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      Tinnitus is a hard condition to diagnose as it manifests itself in so many different ways and has so many different causes. Some people get it after a prolonged noise exposure, some after a single instant of noise, some from no noise exposure at all.
      It's when some of the hairs of the hairs in the inner ear, and either bent or broken in some ways, that this ringing happens.


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        Don't know if any of you guys follow Rick Beato, but he just did a video on his struggles with Tinnitus. No answers but interesting to hear his experiences.

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