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Drumeo or Drum Channel?

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    Originally posted by Anyware View Post
    I sent a pointer to this thread to Jared Falk, the President of Drumeo/Musora. He's always been super approachable, and in fact, he replied within just a couple of hours. Part of his response:

    I am also a huge Drumeo fan (and subscriber). Their content is professional, polished, and educational, yet lighthearted and fun.
    Nice job! Thanks for promoting the thread and idea.
    I'm a Drumeo fan to and have been happy to see them grow the business over the years, improving content quality and quantity. I'm sure good businiess ideas like this are always helpful to improve the business.
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      I've used Drumeo for years, and I think they're brilliant. Seen them grow into what they are now which is also nice to watch. Super helpful content delivered in a great way.

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        Great to see positive responses! I did reach out to Drumeo support this week and received confirmation that it’s common for spouses to share an account but that at this stage it does mean keeping track of what lesson you are personally on. The good news is that I learned that with a drumeo account you can automatically log in to drumeo kids. Just got sticks for my daughter and she will fire it up this afternoon 🀘


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          Just to join in the chorus... I'm also on drumeo and agree with the rest; it is excellent and I have improved (not hard) since joining and following the "method"

          Sometimes I think there's just too much great stuff in there and I get distracted into starting a bit of everything ​​​​​
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            Thought I'd post a follow up since we've been on for a few months. I continue to be a big fan though I've not been able to spend enough time on it my wife has stayed consistent and is getting a lot out of it.

            Drumeo kids turned out to be geared towards much younger than my 9 year old daughter was willing to tolerate and regular drumeo is a little too dry for her short attention span. So there's an opportunity there for them to cater to the middle ground!