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Stroke strength and pad sensitivity

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  • Stroke strength and pad sensitivity

    I am self learning during the quarantine on my TD-1DMK which has the TD-1 module. I know that the optimum stroke strength should vary between different people and styles, but I'm looking for an estimate so that I can develop healthy habits during my practices, especially with the rudiments. I have set the sensitivity of the snare and toms to 6, because this is the only setting where I can comfortably achieve the softest and the hardest strokes. I check this through the coach mode 8 which measures the stroke strength from 1 to 6. While practicing rudiments with a full stroke I am aiming for a strength of 4, however, I get tired after a while. I can keep playing at a strength 3, but this sounds too soft for playing fills etc. Maybe should I increase the pad tensions? How are the settings of other people? Thanks in advance.

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    Stroke length and sensitivity? This is a family show.
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      I would say that, first, you need to be sure that the sensitivity (or the module settings) is the root cause of the issue. It eventually can be technique related (if the grip and full stroke movement are correct), it can be for how long you are practicing the exercise, eventually the stick type (if you play heavy most of time, you will constantly need to put more effort with a 7A than if using a 5B so it makes more sense to use a 5B, for example), etc.

      In terms of module and pad settings, the TD-1 is limited and, if I recall, sensitivity is the only setting available.
      Assuming that the technique and other factors are ok, validate the amount of effort you are putting to make the full stroke. If it is too much, then it is possibly the module settings (sensitivity too low).
      Generally, as you mentioned, you will have to set the sensitivity to detect your soft hits. Then, you check your hardest hits. If your hardest hit is not enough, you probably have to increase the sensitivity a bit. On other modules, after that, you can also adjust volume.
      The soft hits relates to how low you would play and not necessarily the lowest you can play, and the hardest hit does not mean with all your strength, but the "loudest" you would regularly play. The point is to find the balance between the low and high based on your style so you can have a good dynamic range.

      I used to have the sensitivity on 7, if I recall. At the time I was using the rubber pad (I used to play a TD1KV kit).

      Tightening the head is a valid option to test. In such case, the pad tends to be a bit more sensible.
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        Kind of unrelated, but if you dont have a practice pad you should get one of those as well. Watch videos and lessons where the teacher is doing practice pad work and that might help you get an idea of how hard they are hitting.


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          Originally posted by serkans View Post
          I have set the sensitivity of the snare and toms to 6, because this is the only setting where I can comfortably achieve the softest and the hardest strokes.
          Seriously, that's all there is to it. The exact value may differ between pads and modules, but that's precisely how you want your edrums dialed in.
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            I have always been of the opinion that the power / strength comes from the wrist and your strength, control and stamina will improve as your playing developes.
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