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    Originally posted by csnow View Post

    I have the DT-1 software. Would you mind uploading some of your "working" midi files that I can use? I have been working on my site reading which the melodics is useless for. If you have any 70s-90s rock, classic rock, top-40 would be fantastic but anything is better than nothing.
    can you try to download MIDI files from internet and load into Roland Tutor software?


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      i did, and it works.. but depends on the quality of standard .mid notation.. i collected a couple.. (here)
      you can make 'minus one' (drumless) out of them.. but they sound kind of 'midi' ofcourse .. from basic to 'advanced' ..


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        Originally posted by Ocean Rover View Post
        Feedback from my first and second ever lessons: This will not be of interest to experienced drummers so apologies for that- but possibly of interest to other newbies considering lessons. Ok - so ...


        In summary- I agree with all the experienced drummers on here that say beginners should get basic lessons even if just to ensure the way you hold the sticks is correct. Hopefully you can get lessons more readily than I can and it doesn't cost the earth Happy days.
        Good on you Ocean Rover. Enjoy the journey and thanks for sharing this. Great that you're on the right path technique-wise and have that confirmed. Have a search for Alan Dawson. A lot of people focus on his rudiment work (and fair enough) but I always remember that he was very big on posture and body positioning. If you can spend a bit of time sitting in front of a mirror either while playing, or if not then on your drum stool and mimicking your playing, and ensuring your posture is both good and relaxed. That plus good stick technique will give you a base from which you can develop a long way. Something else to focus on while practising - hard to do at first but once it becomes second nature you'll reap the rewards (and your body will thank you in the long run).
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          ps. like i said 'it works' but the notation isn't faultless.. if you want to learn how to read, check post # 23.. start with 1/4, 1/8ths and rests, then 16th permutations
          (learn the 'shapes' of groupings, like words) then combinations.. then move on to 'split' notation (polyphonic) .. just trying to give some tips..


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            I have this installation too and I'm honestly disappointed in the program, for me it was useless in the trial version. Yes, it has songs and shows when you need to play, but it doesn't explain what and why you need to play, and how you can't make different movements. That's why for me it was effective to have lessons on YouTube from Carmin Appice and Jojo Mayer. In any case, if you want to play well and make fewer mistakes, a teacher is essential.