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  • Standing drumming

    Just curious of experienced drummers views on standing drumming...

    Only see it occasionally. Here are a couple of examples.

    Lee Mavers of The La's insists his drummer play standing :

    As he does himself :

    Drummer with Charli XCX a few years ago :

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    What "views" do you need? There's no rules in drumming

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      It's fun, give it a shot.

      This is me many years ago. This is the one and only time I tried it


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        Well I have.. but I am not a drummer.. am just learning, so wondered if this is a thing..

        This kid seems to be having a blast enjoyed ths

        This chap talks about standing drumming... he makes the obvious point that, yeah the hihat... not ideal, but for other forms can be cool.

        I'm not sure if this is better or worse for backs !!! Not that seated is particularly good for back.. but stooping and straining hmmm


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          Do whatever works for you, imo. There is an act here called Project DJ Slam that uses two standing drummers. They basically jam along to a DJ, not my kinda thin but it works well in certain situations. Standing definitely adds energy, imo. I used to do it now and again during certain songs but only parts of the song. To me, it works well in segments but loses it's impact if done the entire time. About 2 minutes into this video you see what DJ Slam is about...
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            Google up some live jellyfish concerts to see Andy sturmer
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              I remember back in the 80', newave music, they stand up drumming alot


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                I've played a Cocktail kit for several years at winery gis and in bars. All 4 hour jobs. Just don't close your eyes and try to do a fast roll around the set. I almost lost my balance,...several times!


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                  I only stand during lie the rock ending crescendo of a song. Standing an entire show? Can't operate my HH AND the bass pedal. If all I had to use was a bass pedal and no HH pedal, I could stand the whole time. Depends on the visual you're trying to get on stage with the band I guess. Standing up on the heels of my feet to play my kit properly with both pedals and double kick....awkward to say the least. So I'd say if you're gonna stand, you're gonna be tweaking your "standard" drum set layout a bit.

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                    Been playing standup up for about 15 years, I sing lead so its easier that way. Cocktail kits are crap. Use my regular kit, but add a second hihat (one slightly open and one closed) and use a crash/ride to save space. I have to raise up my snare and I just use my floor tom. Here's a quick crappy picture...