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Limb Independence For The New Drummer

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  • Limb Independence For The New Drummer

    I think we can all agree is one of the most difficult things to learn is Limb Independence, maybe most difficult is too strong, maybe most frustrating. I wanted to share my experience to date and just assure us new drummers that it will come, just keep at it. I had tried a number of exercises to help, that in all honesty I don't think helped! For me playing as much as I can helped me. I was playing last night along to my favorite songs and I noticed, when I was not thinking about it and I was really getting into the song (regardless of how crap it sounded) my right leg started to want to do things my brain was telling it that it had never been able to before. I cant explain it other than it felt like an out of body experience

    Where up until now by right leg would hit the bass in line with me hitting the snare or high hat, it wanted to put extra beats in on its own. Its nowhere consistent but it started to happen last night. My left leg has not caught up yet and I think that will be more difficult but I just wanted to share, that from out of nowhere that right leg was off on its on, of only for a short while

    Felt good!
    Lee "Shaggy" Shand

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    I've only really recently started playing again and I'm trying to tighten up my playing - what I've realised is that, while I thought I had reasonable groove and independence, I got complacent and was actually leaning on the same instinctive, comfortable patterns all the time.

    Honestly what I'm finding really useful is just watching videos, looking out for fills that trip me up and practicing them until they're comfortable. It really doesn't take long to slow down and work through a new pattern and it pays off massively.
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      2 of the best bassdrum & hihat coordination albums are .. Chick Corea.. 'Lightyears' and 'Eye of the beholder'


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        This may sound goofy but when I started playing, to get the independence, I started to practise everything with my "left" limbs (being right handed) on the kit and most of all, with everyday normal tasks. Writing, cutting food, pouring a glass of milk, combing my hair, kicking a soccer ball. Its really awkward at first but like drumming just keep at it. It switches your train of thought on how you function. If you want to see a drummer with independence look up Randy Black. His kit is symmetrical as is his playing. Check out the two hi-hats and two rides!! VERY COOL !! And a ton of practise. Good Luck!!


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          Thought I would share my thoughts on this. I struggled big time with double kicks for 1 hat. I would always end up with a double hat with the kick. The song Lola help me with it as it has the beat I struggled with. What I did was download the midi, load it into the Yamaha EasyBeats app on the iPhone, slow the temp down to 30bpm and play along then slowly increasing the tempo. Within 30 mins I was playing it at 160bpm. My limb independence has improved immensely since.


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            If you want to get better faster, it's paramount to work on key things like independence... don't just leave it to luck and happenstance.

            A great reference for self-teaching is Benny Greb's reference material called "The Language of Drumming." In comes in book and DVD form or as a combined package. If you look hard enough on YouTube you're likely to find the entire video posted.

            I wish something like this was available when I first started out. It's a great concept and Benny does a top notch delivery, with plenty of examples; the book is handy (as is the poster) to help you work through the possible patterns and ultimately extract the most out of (adds structure to your practice session).

            Here's a link to the material:

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              playing is the most important part... but what i find helps a lot is... just swinging... 1-an-a-2-an-a-3-an-a-4-an-a on the ride cymbal... play the hi hat on the "an" of every beat... and play the "one" on the bass drum every 2 measures... start at a tempo you can handle... and then add you snare hits/ghost notes... 15 minutes a day...
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