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Heel down + Yamaha FP9500D + Roland KD9 = meh...

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  • Heel down + Yamaha FP9500D + Roland KD9 = meh...


    I recently bought the Yamaha FP9500D (direct drive) after trying it out on an acoustic set and liking it very much. Also, I've been reading so much nice reviews of it, and being primarily a heel-down player, I thought it would be the perfect pedal for my KD9. Alas I've played it for some weeks now and I find it almost impossible to control double taps compared to my old Big Beat pedal or even an old squeeky standard Roland pedal.

    I've tried playing it with a loose spring, medium spring, tight spring, and no matter what it just feels like it won't return back after a strike. Or more correctly: that it returns with varying speed from strike to strike making timing very difficult. I can do very fast double taps, but not medium.

    My technique is NOT the best. But on most other pedals I can at least control double taps without any trouble.

    Of course the KD9 doesn't have as much rebound as mesh drum kick pads, so I'm wondering if a direct drive pedal like the FP9500 need more rebound from the drum head?

    Do anyone have experience with the FP9500 direct drive or maybe even with thei particular combo of KD9 and FP9500?

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    What beater are you using? Felt? Hard plastic?
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      Originally posted by electrodrummer View Post
      What beater are you using? Felt? Hard plastic?
      Hard plastic. It came with a double sided beater (quite light). I have also tried with the heavier plastic beater that came with the Big Beat pedal.


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        Originally posted by kzil View Post
        My technique is NOT the best.
        This! I 've never played the pedal, but certainly wouldn't mind trying it out. My suggestion... practice, practice, practice. And this comes from someone who thinks his BD-technique is not the best either, and who should practice A LOT more as well. Ever tried another technique? Maybe heel-up may seem "the" thing for you at slower speed, or constant release, or heel-toe,...


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