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TD-30k VH-11 Hi-Hat Issue (Playing Closed when it's open) - Video Demonstration

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  • TD-30k VH-11 Hi-Hat Issue (Playing Closed when it's open) - Video Demonstration

    Hello Forum,

    Do you have a minute?

    I have a few questions regarding the Vh-11 Hi-hat that comes with the TD-30k kit. (Not TD-30kv) I bought this just 3 months ago.

    Pretty much the main issue is that if I play closed hi-hat for too long (perhaps 70+ strokes) and I open it, it'll keep playing closed even though when it's open.

    I have a video demonstrating this (1min long) at 0:30 seconds, you'll see me open the hi-hat but it still plays close.

    Do note that I'm playing through my DAW (Reaper) using a VST (Addictive Drums 2)

    Is there a way to fix this? Or a workaround to play this, it's really distracting and unplayable.

    Let me know, thanks everyone.


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    Is the little sprung ring in the controller 'sticking'? (I read somewhere that can be an issue and that some silicone spray can solve several VH-11 'problems')
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      Interesting, you bought it 3 months ago?

      Does your VH11 controller have a shiny outer casing, or is it dull with a matte finish?
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        Interesting! Hard to tell what is going on by just watching the video. You may have thought of all of these things, but here is a list of things I'd try:

        Use your TD-30 to verify that the VH-11 is working correctly. Do all of these steps with the TD-30 only.

        1.) Test all cables to ensure full conductivity. If you don't have a cable tester, swap both cables for new cables and try those.

        2.) Test the sensor plunger. To do this, take the hat entirely off the stand so that only the plunger remains. Then, press on the sensor plunger with your finger. Ensure that the plunger moves up and down freely.

        3.) Re-calibrate the VH-11 with your TD-30. Turn the TD-30 off. Open the VH-11 so that the hat is not in contact with the motion sensor plunger. Turn on the TD-30. Loosen your hi-hat clutch so the hat drops all the way down to closed position on the motion sensor plunger. Go into trigger settings on the TD-30. On the general trigger settings page, make sure the hi-hat is set to VH-11. Go to the hi-hat page. Make sure the black calibration symbol appears between the two arrows. If the calibration symbol is above or below, adjust the Offset Adjustment Screw on the clutch above the bell of the hat so that the black calibration symbol appears between the two arrows. Once you've got this correct, try playing the hat with closed and open sounds. If you cannot get the open sound when playing accordingly, rotate the Offset Adjustment Screw toward the "Open" indicator (clockwise) on the hat. If you cannot get the closed sound when playing accordingly, rotate the Offset Adjustment Screw toward the "Close" indicator (counter-clockwise) on the hat.

        4.) If you're still having problems, test the hat and sensor components un-assembled. With hat and sensor still connected to your module, remove the hat from the stand and sit it on a pillow. You can remove the clutch to make this easier. Hold the sensor in your hand in such a way that you can open and close its plunger. With the sensor plunger open, play the hat. Do you get an open sound? Press the sensor plunger down and play the hat again. Do you get a closed sound? As per your video, with the sensor plunger down, keep playing the hat for more than 30 seconds. Now, as you continue playing, open the sensor plunger. Does the sound change to open?

        If you've got the VH-11 working properly with the TD-30, now you can move on to debugging your MIDI, Reaper, and VST settings. There is no point debugging the computer side of things if the VH-11 isn't working properly with the TD-30 standalone! I don't have your computer setup in front of me, but I'm guessing you know the MIDI note numbers and CC numbers to check for. Also, as of TD-30 operating system update 1.13, Roland added MIDI hi-hat parameters to configure edge sound only versus bow and edge. These likely aren't the cause of your problem, but it's worth checking all TD-30 MIDI output mapping parameters for the hi-hat. Make sure your TD-30 is running system 1.13 and update your module it that's not the case.
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