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Technique to play Power Station (Version) - Get it on - TD20 & VH12

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  • Technique to play Power Station (Version) - Get it on - TD20 & VH12

    I know the song pretty much inside and out, but yet to be able to properly play it on my set. It could be a bit of bad technique (high probable), but I think it may have something to do with how I have the HH set up on the module. I can't seem to get the "sloshing" of the hats to replicate what we hear on that track. It seems to always play "open" to quickly with limited foot travel (and I've consciously watched myself on how my foot is stepping). I can play most other songs without issue, but this one really has me questioning what I'm doing and why I'm doing it wrong.

    Is there something in the settings to the HH to help combat the full open vs the semi closed with velocity? I will admit I haven't spent tons of time in the settings, but compared to other songs like Tesla - modern day cowboy, ez come ez go, I can't play those without issue, this song has me scratching my head.

    I have a straight up TD20 controlling the VH12's and TD10 via midi for pad expansion, no expressions expansions. I'm using the studio kits on both to play as it covers most songs.

    I assumed this was a technique problem, but I suspect I have a little bit of both issues technique and setup. Can anyone give me a pointer on how to approach the HH setup or what I may be doing wrong?

    If more info is needed, please feel free.

    Thank you,
    TD-20 NE/TD-10 NE linked, yahama double bass, KD-85

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    Chris, odd, the type of song shouldn't make a difference in the (your) ability to play your hats. So if you can achieve a half-open hat sound in one song you should be able to do that in other tunes as well ... . It could be worth looking at the settings for pedal travel open to closed -if you didn't already.
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      Hi, well its not that I can't get an "in between" for accent, it's trying to figure out the technique he is using to achieve the sound. I was watching the Saturday night live performances when they played it there live and they have some good shots of Tony playing it and he is really top down nailing it mid open and then closing the hats like a "running" man approach.....While I can do an accent all day long, his has that long ssssssssssssssssssssss close..............sssssssssssssssssss close........and that is the part I can't seem to figure out. I've yet to see anyone cover the song on electronic vs live set on youtube.... I've tried messing with the travel and close point in the module but still yet to sort it out. Looking for any random thoughts that might help me get to a starting point for that one song.
      TD-20 NE/TD-10 NE linked, yahama double bass, KD-85