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Best way to display my timing ?

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  • Best way to display my timing ?

    Hi everyone!

    I've recently bought a TD-11, which I'm really enjoying. As a relatively new player, I'd like to get a better handle on my timing. The TD has some built in training tools which give you a score etc but I find them a bit limited. I'd like to make use of the USB connection to my PC to analyse my drumming (not in real time): What I'd ideally like to do is to see the timing of all my strikes against a rulered timeline to see how well I get through fills, plain sections etc. Which strikes are slightly early, late, etc.
    So here are a couple of questions:

    - I assume the MIDI output contains precise timing, so feeding that into some kind of display tool should do what I want ?
    - what (preferably free) software would you recommend for this ? I don't need it to be a fancy editing tool etc

    I've spent some time googling everything I can think of, but I don't seem to be finding much that helps. Any pointers welcome.
    Thanks for your time !

    The Squirrel.

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    Roland DT-1 tutor software is what you need.
    Or play with some sequencing programs.
    Have a search on this forum and you'll find a few other pointers.
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      imo.. any multitrack program would suffice for this.. (cockos reaper for example)
      because 'the best' way to analyse your playing is to listen back to it.. and listen for 'time' ..
      either in a song, or against a click, or 'free' .. (you can play against other tracks)
      any drummer with great time or groove you will pick up by hearing .. music is listening ..
      what is analysing peaks against a grid going to show you ?
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        Thanks for the responses... DT-1 does seem like what I'm looking for. I'll give that a roll.
        Thanks again
        The Squirrel