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    Originally posted by Kenster View Post

    Wish they made the grip stuff for any type sticks and you didn't have to buy their sticks with it! And I play Promarks too! I use the ol 747 nylon tips. Shirakashi oak baby!

    Agreed and I think they will expand on the sticks with this. I used to use those same sticks brother! Stupid pinched nerve cause me to loose grip and makes my hand go numb sometimes now. These sticks took care of the problem for me. Plus, they are forward weighted which seems to helps and lets me play a little faster. I hate wood tips though and that's all they come in.
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      Originally posted by sycle1 View Post
      Go to your local electrics shop, take a pair of sticks and get some Heat Shrink tubing to suit the size of your sticks.
      I have been using this since 2002 works amazing I hardly ever drop a stick now! super grip without being sticky!
      Good tip. That actually works pretty well, and has the added benefit of being pretty durable!
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        Just got the sex wax (blue one / tropical ) yesterday.
        It's absolutely amazing!
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