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heel toe double strokes - SETTINGS AND TECHNIQUE HOW TO!

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  • heel toe double strokes - SETTINGS AND TECHNIQUE HOW TO!

    I see this asked so much. how do you do heel toe. what are your settings etc.

    I use this in my metal band and have the trigger on for most of this video blended with the acoustic sound.

    I go over how to set up your pedal, I show it on an Axis and a Pearl demon drive, and show how the actual technique is done.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask and I'll do my best to help you out.

    Feel free to subscribe and I'll try and make a few more useful videos. It is actually an easy technique once the settings are correct.

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    Nice job describing your technique and how to apply it on different pedals.
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      This is one of the things, if not the thing I'm trying to work towards.

      But I often feel I shot myself in the foot (pun intended) buying the KT-10's, as it's not a very adjustable pedal and rebound is non-existent. I'm finding it a challenge, only just possible, but without rebound it sucks your energy fast. Put it this way; no way can I just put my heel down and let it happen.. no.. I have to intentionally make a double stroke. It's a royal PITA to do it with my strong foot.

      It seems the price I paid for what I thought was infinitely better portability, value, and silence may not be worth it, if my ultimate aim was metal at the highest level. The trouble is, I looked at upgrading my kit to do this one trick, but the Pearl demon drives aren't cheap, and Axis isn't even for sale in UK shops! Addon the cost of a mesh kick drum or conversion, it gets seriously expensive. One day... one day.

      I keep telling myself; if I just kept training on single strokes, one day I won't need the tricks, and I'll be better off for it! But I know in my gut, it's an impossibility, and it's especially silly considering I'm on an e-kit not taking obvious advantages given to me.
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        I had a td-20 with a mesh kick, I could FLY using this technique.. I ended up selling it and am kicking myself but needed the cash.

        I used to sweat buckets working on my singles day in and day out. .My band always wrote faster than I could play. Once I started this and our songs were 240 BPM I said no more singles about 200BPM. haha

        I have tried it on a rubber kick pad and with no rebound its hard.. heck even singles are hard with no rebound. Those Kt-10's look like they would be good for slower music but maybe difficult to simulate a real drum, or at least adjust settings like a real drum.

        You could always buy a used kick drum or tom and convert it with a mesh head for cheap. just attach a pizo.. pedals are crazy expensive these days. I bought these both years back and would LOVE to get some Tricks but I can't justify it. and the Canadian dollar is awful right now.


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          Great video demonstration and explanation. Thanks for sharing.
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            I subed to your channel, Thanks for posting this. Im trying to learn this on my KD-9 and Im having trouble. Maybe its the rebound of the KD-9, but more than likely its just me. Im using Pearl Eliminators With factory cams. Im going to change a few things like moving the pedal back on the plate, and placing the beaters closer.


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              Make sure you can get it on each individual foot. if your elims are chain it takes a bit more to get a snappy rebound. I think the KD-9 is going to be a challenge as it doesn't provide that much rebound. Good luck and let me know if you have questions


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                Great job. I will have to study this.
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                  Best of luck to you. On an ekit its pretty fun. It works amazing at the end of songs.
                  Thanks for subbing viper


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                    Great tutorial thanks it has helped heaps already!!!
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                      has anyone tried this with the KD-9, Im struggling with this. I cannot get the rebound correct, i know its probably me.


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                        I learned on the KD-9 from Jared Falk's lessons. Sometimes you might connect with a different spproach. Try this video.

                        Jared talks about the starting point which really helped me start the motion. My only complaint with Jared's video is his verbal description. He calls it a toe-toe motion which it obviously is not. He includes a slow motion section and the technique is more like a ball-toe motion, especially at faster tempos.

                        Try this...
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                          I think of it as "middle of the foot/toe" almost arch / toe. if that makes sense.... I was screwing around trying to get it faster yesterday. (250/260 bpm) I ended up having to tighten my springs a bit and really emphasize the second hit with my toes. focusing on that second toe hit keeps them in a very even time and consistent as well.


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                            We meet again, Scotty! Great video!​


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                              Thanks Reggae. I've been here for a long time a s Vdrum Player. I picked up a TD-11 yesterday so I'm Happy to be back