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Curious What the Rudiment or Sticking is on This Video

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  • Curious What the Rudiment or Sticking is on This Video

    The very beginning of the video when he is on the snare, the last pattern he plays on the snare. Couple different accents and I've heard it before, seems to be a common pattern but can't figure it out. Any ideas?

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    Hi. I only saw this topic today. I think you mean the bit at 0:20 to 0:23? It's basically a double stroke roll with accents.
    That phrase consists of these accents L, L, LR, L, LR.

    I would simply fill in all the spaces between those accents with double strokes. So it becomes: L_rr, L_rr, LR, llrr, L_rr, LR.
    (1_+er, 2_+er, 3 +, 4e+a, 1_+a, 2 +, / /)

    I'm personally more comfortable playing that phrase off the right hand, and I show that about halfway through a video I made to demonstrate the pattern.
    R_ll, R_ll, RL, rrll,R_ll, RL

    I don't have a speaker, I just use headphones, so it's just the mesh head you'll hear. Anyway, hope this helps!
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