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Newbie wants to know... about Tom Tuning!

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    Also on the Tune Bot website I found their list of Drummers' tunings (very informative)

    and they have a Tuning Calculator on the website, and also available as a Smartphone App from the App Store with suggested tunings and intervals for any number of toms.

    I also learned from this thread, from losteskimo1

    that on TD-30 (TD-20, TD-20X, TD-12, etc.., COSM Head Tuning (-480+480), +/- 10 is a Semitone

    and from Ericdrumz that you can use

    use this app

    to measure the sound frequency of the tom.. and use the resources on Tune-Bot, or this frequency chart for reference


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      With _very_ (VERY) few exceptions, two-headed drums cannot be tuned to definite pitches. They're like an orchestral triangle, where the perceived pitch varies based on the pitches being played around them. The overtones of a two-headed drum do not fall into a harmonic series, and therefore finding a specific pitched note is often impossible.

      Drums that are designed to be tuned to pitches (timpani and tabla being two notable examples) are a) single-headed, and b) have specific characteristics used to alter the overtone series and coerce them into a rough harmonic series (the bowl shape on a timpani, the heavy black paste [shyahi] on a tabla head).

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        the thread tkydon refers to (link), is about Timpani tuning.. and the original first post is about TD-30 (or 20) toms,
        where most tom sounds do have a 'clean' defined pitch .. and are not as much 'poluted' by overtones like acoustic drums... ..geek..
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