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Need Roland PD-120 settings for TD-15 module.

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  • Need Roland PD-120 settings for TD-15 module.

    I have a PD-120 for my snare now and the TD-15 doesn't have preset settings, so I'm looking for the settings so I can manually enter them into the system to work best as possible.
    As many details as possible would be very helpful.
    Sensitivity X/XX
    Threshhold X/XX

    etc... I want the number set and the max number incase the modules are not identical with their maximum. If anyone can help me with this, that'd be great and highly appreciated. Thanks!
    Roland TD-50, DW Collector's A2E kit, PD-140DS, CY-18DR, 2xCY-14C, 2x CY-8, 2x CY-5, VH-10, Modified MDS-12v

    TD-3 > TD-10E > TD-20 > TD/W-20 > TD-15 > TD-50