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How to gain substantial room for the kit without losing features

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  • How to gain substantial room for the kit without losing features

    So here's another idea I've been applying to my older kit, see pic., in order to gain quite an amount of room on the left side of the set. It applies to virtually any kit with smaller modules (smaller in size) with a rack mounted hihat, or even any kit if you adapt the idea as long as your room requires you to.

    You have to swap the snare rack arm with the left arm, or buy a smaller left arm and a longer snare arm, so that the hihat (typically say a CY-5) clamp stands at the end of the left arm. Now you have to cross the snare arm so that it is roughly parallel to the right arm. On this longer snare arm you attach the snare clamp, and the module, right in the middle of the set, below the rack toms. Make sure the various arms and elements don't come in contact or you'll have plenty of crosstalk.

    That way, the module and its long arm don't eat additional room on the left side or elsewhere, and it remains on a very accessible spot however.
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    Very nifty!!!

    K ;-)
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      Have you given consideration to what may happen when stick meets module?
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        And that's the beauty of it, you learn to stop hitting the rack and the boom arms!

        No but the modules are sturdy enough to resist stick hits, and I remember actually I used to hit it more when it was left from the hihat than in the middle of the toms.