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TD modules : How to positional sensing on crashes 1 & 2

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  • TD modules : How to positional sensing on crashes 1 & 2

    Maybe it's been shown before, on TD modules supporting positional sensing, input crashes 1 & 2 don't read positional sensing (the case being for the TD-30 at least.) You can understand why they did so at Roland, being crashes, you need to trigger a crash anywhere you hit the cymbals. But on the other hand, you miss expressiveness of the bow for the fine rides there are in the soundpool, so it might be a good idea to set these crashes on available aux inputs, that way you can get the positional sensing from the CY-12, CY-12R/C, CY-13R, and CY-14 that all support it (not sure about CY-5 and CY-8.) Now you can gain variation not only on the force you're smashing the cymbals, but on the position you're hitting them as well, and hence they can now be used as smaller rides, and for the CY-13R or CY-12R/C, you can always use the crashes 1 or 2 input (now free) to add for instance, a china stack with sizzle on the bell.

    So now you have 2x 3-ways cymbals + a 2-ways crash, all admitting positional sensing for subtler control.

    Of course you'll need to set all the kits with this input settings, but that can be done quickly by moving (copying) instruments to these inputs.
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