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Managing monster kits

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  • Managing monster kits

    Guys... Just got a Td9 v.2 module, couple pd85s, some cymbals to come. Also to expand the original rack, nought a 42" Gibraltar curved bar for the center of rack and also an stackable right angle rack clamp SC-GCSRA from Gibraltar as well. Both to have a bigger/ longer rack.

    They are still to arrive so in the planning stages here. Of course, full of ideas going through the pics at the showcase area....

    I wonder how you guys manage your kits? I am planning on having all toms and crash/ ride cymbal thru the Td30 and accent cymbals and addl sounds in the Td9. I will also be VST ....

    At the other hand, wanna keep the SPDX as standalone... No MIDI to any module, since i Have a two-in-one out midi interface, I can have it midied there and trigger VSTs through a different channel lets say 11. But my intention is using the SPDX for what it is.. Otherwise I could have simply gotten an octapad...

    As to the modules... Set up percussion sets in the Td30 and when in standalone trigger the extra sounds thru the td9 hooked to the td30? Or the Td9 has decent enough sounds??

    Anyways... How you guys do it?

    Roland TD50, Roland PM30 and KC 550 Studio Capture /Dell XPS I7 32GB RAM Reaper,Superior Drummer,BFD3 (all exp. packs),SSD5 Ezdrummer 2, XLN Addictive Drums

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    I had a similar issue, although a scaled down version I have a sample-pad, and considered MIDI-ing it to my TD-9, I bought a MIDI merger for this. It worked, but was too much trouble in the end so I abandoned it.

    The idea as to share pads on the sample pad with sounds on the TD-9. So I paired kits, one on the sample-pad would match a kit on the TD-9. The idea was some of the kits would have silent sounds, so by matching kits I could use the sample-pad to trigger on either unit, or even layer. But it was more trouble than it was worth, so I abandoned doing that, I just added more pads connected to the TD-9, much simpler.
    Mini-kit: TD-9 + Alesis Control Pad + Alesis Sample Pad + PDX-6 snare
    Micro-kit: Handsonic HPD-20 + an old pair of hands.
    Speakers: QSC-K10 "thumper", DBR-10 "little thumper"