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Splitting inputs and adding piezos for custom TD-20

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  • Splitting inputs and adding piezos for custom TD-20

    Hi everyone. For the past year or so I've modified my v-drum set extensively. This forum has been an outstanding source of information and I thought I'd try to give something back and summarize the modifications I made.

    First, my current set, which I now feel is "ready". TD-20 + TDW-20, PD-125X, PD-125, PD-120, PD-100, 3xPD-80, PD-9, 2xPD-7, CY-15R, CY-14, CY-12R/C (as a crash), 2xCY-8, CY-5, FD-7 (as a foot switch), KD-80, VH-11.


    Kick drum: I wrapped my KD-80 with an old T-shirt (folded many times). This greatly improved the feel of the kick drum and reduced the acoustic sound of the drum - and I mean a really big improvement. However, the most interesting drum modification I did is utilizing the KICK DRUM RIM TRIGGER. This information was hard to come by. The kick input of a TD-20 is dual trigger but to use it you need to build a so called Raper circuit. The whole splitter can be built from scratch but afaik cannot be bought. I ordered the essential circuit from Keith Raper and added the required plugs to connect the drums and the module. It works very well indeed. The kd-80 worked very well when split with a PD-80 but I eventually ended up splitting the kick drum input with the CY-5. The only problem with the Raper circuit is that when the rim drum is hit with a very low velocity, it triggers the kick drum (head signal) instead of the rim signal. When playing, this practically never happens. With a PD-80 this was a smaller problem but even with the CY-5 its almost no problem at all.

    Drum splitters: I ended up ordering three drumsplitters which allow splitting of tom inputs and aux inputs into separate drum pads. I split one of my toms (PD-80) with a PD-9. Split an aux PD-80 with a CY-8 (which didn't work as well until I modified my CY-8, see below) and split the two PD-7:s in one aux input. With a drumsplitter the rim pad does not trigger when the pad is touched very lightly but when any force is applied, both head and rim work incredibly well. A splitter like this should be an official product from Roland, it works that well. Only some minor tuning to trigger settings is required to make everything work.

    PD-100: Added a 35mm piezo to make it dual trigger. Works very well and all you require is the 35mm piezo (which I ordered from Roland and got it after waiting for 6 months!).

    PD-80: Modified one of my PD-80 to make it dual trigger. Ordered a rim trigger support plate and a 35mm piezo from Roland but ended up placing the piezo not under the head piezo but very near to the rim. When set up as a PD-125 in the module I get very nice rim sounds.

    CY-8: It turns out that older CY-8:s have a 27mm piezo and I've read that newer ones have a 35mm. Anyway I changed my 27mm piezo into a 35mm piezo (this was very easy, just cut the wires of the old piezo and connect the new piezo with the old wires). The CY-8 is massively improved, its way more sensitive (and works way better with a drumsplitter as a rim trigger after the mod).

    VH-11: Ended up buying this since its the VH-12 is way more expensive and apparently offers nothing that the VH-11 does not. Just set the CC Max value to 127 and you get the same sounds as with the VH-12. The VH-11 is also more silent than VH-12 or VH-13. The only advantage of the VH-12 over the VH-11 is the pressure sensing when firmly pressed but I get the same results with the VH-11 since I tread lightly.

    Thank you for all your help and I hope this helps someone.

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    I'm interested in what you did with the KD-80 can you post some pics of it.


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      Has anyone tried sending the same pad to 2 different inputs to achieve 2 sounds at once? I tried this on my old kit which used 2 TD8s daisy chained but I got a delay between the 2 sounds. Now upgraded to a TD 20.


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        Here are some images of the kd-80 and my casing of the raper circuit. I also included a pic of the entire set.
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          Thanks for the kd-80 pic. Very interestint


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            Very interesting. I am still working on technique, pedal adjustment, and head tension on my KD140 to reduce the double hit due to the amount of rebound that it has.
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