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TD-12 hihat is triggering snare. WTF.

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  • TD-12 hihat is triggering snare. WTF.

    This just started happening a few weeks ago. Took the brain and a few triggers to a live gig for effects. I have a DDrum trigger on my BD so I plugged that into the brain and since then the whole kit started ghosting randomly. Did a factory reset after I got back and now every time I hit the hi-hat or ride cymbal the snare rim is triggered. I've unplugged everything except the hi-hat and it still triggers the rim. I can watch the LCD and it will bounce between the snare rim and hi-hat so it appears its triggering by itself in the brain. I've spent some time in the manual trying to figure this out and I've hit a wall. None of the other drums are affected. Anyone have input on this? Snare PD-120, HiHat VH-12, Ride CY-15R

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    Hmmm that's a bummer. If you have a way to connecting the brain to a computer (midi to usb) you could try the program midi-ox to monitor what midi instance is generated by the brain. Might help...might not.
    Good luck!


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      I'll look into that. Thanks.