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Is it worth adding a 2 Box to a TD30 kit?

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  • Is it worth adding a 2 Box to a TD30 kit?

    I keep hearing great things about the Drummit 5 and am starting to get jealous. I have a TD-30 which I love, but the idea of getting some Superior Drum Sample (love the Evil Drums) into my kits is compelling. I would love peoples opinions as to whether it would be worth adding this. It seems like the 2 Boix is an overseas thing. I never see any in the US. Also, by the time you do what you need to do to get the samples, are they still uncompressed?

    With both moduels I assume you could layer over a single trigger as well and expand your kit. Or would you even need a TD 30 with a 2 box.

    All ideas welcome.

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    I might consider it if they change the color and come up with a way to support the vh-13 directly.
    vst's are still a hassle for me to tweak and it still has to be done before loading to the 2box.
    It will be interesting to see what the next version is like and also how long it takes to come out.
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      Well...having had them both side-by-side for a year.....I can tell you that after all the poking, prodding, testing and such....I sold the TD-30. The stock samples in the 2Box ( not to mention the VST quality sounds..I love Evil Drums too) just blow the TD-30 away...IMHO of course...YMMV. That said I did use the top pad of my VH-13 with a Controller box mod on the pedal of my DW HH remote to the 2Box and the TD-30 via a splitter simultaneously....so yes....layering is quite possible...on all the pads. Frankly...the VH-13 isn't "all that" anyway. It's so very close to the VH-12 that it really doesn't merit it's $750 price tag. All you need for good functioning HH for the 2Box is a very nice stand with adjustable tension. HH controller box mod from Jman and whatever HH cymbal pad you prefer....or just a good stand and the stock hat will do fine....although I didn't like the way it felt like a Roland or Yamaha pad. Seems to be more than a few gigging pros using the 2Box in their "Hybrid" kits too. It's a very nice tool that's for sure. It would definitely compliment the 30....or it might even steal the show.
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