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V-Drum Pads Going Bad, Cymbals Keyholing?

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  • V-Drum Pads Going Bad, Cymbals Keyholing?

    Hello Everyone, I'm new here and I'm having some issues with my kit as of recently, so I thought I'd come to you looking for possible answers.
    I bought a kit a few years back (TD-12) that has performed flawlessly. I keep it in my home office to toy with and it's gotten me back into drumming after about ten years off. I used to play a Yamaha Birch Recording Custom kit, but have little room for it, nor did I want to disturb my neighbors, so after reading about the development of Roland V-Drums in the past ten years, I sprung for one.
    Now, here are my issues. In one single day, 2 of the 3 cymbals have keyholed. The rubber has cracked right through. I went to play the set and the cymbals were sitting weird, so after I looked at them found out they were cracked. There doesn't seem to be any way to fix it other than spend a few hundred dollars on a new cymbal. This would be for a set that I play on for about an hour a month, so its not very justifiable. Has anyone else had an issue like this? No one else has played on them (I live alone) and I'm not a hard playing drummer, so I was shocked to see this happen. I've never keyholed a metal cymbal in 20 years of active drumming...
    Second is now the pads themselves seem to be failing. They aren't as sensitive as they once were, and some are better than others. Also the rubber rim has cracked on a few, again, I'm not a hard drummer. Now when I hit some of the pads, the rim sound gets played instead of the head sound. I haven't messed with any of the settings to cause change to anything, in fact, I just reset the module to factory settings and the pads are still having issues. No clue on what to do guys and gals. I went to the shop where I bought it and they said, "hmm, never heard of that happening" then went on with their day. Sort of like me then saying, "hmm, I'm not buying anything from your store again. Thank you very little".
    This was an expensive investment for me and I'd hate for it to have been a waste since I am not a performer and just do it for the joy of being a drummer again. I also can't see investing more money in a kit that didn't last 2 years. Roland still hasn't gotten back to me other than the send it in and we will look at it for $80 an hour plus repair charges.
    If anyone has any input, I'd be happy to hear it.
    Thank you all in advance and happy drumming!

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    Hmmmmm Ive also never heard of e-cymbals keyholing. The rubber rims on the pads are bound to deteriorate as rubber as a material does naturally. Is your office at a reasonably constant temperature or does your office face more extreme temps? My thinking is that once you find out why yhis has happened, rectify that variable then buy new cymbals. Have a look at Yamaha, Triggera or Pintech all of which are a lot cheaper than Roland.


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      I haven't heard of that kind of deterioration before. Does your kit sit in the sun? As for the toms, I am not sure if they have piezo s, like the cymbals but if they do you may try to replace them.
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        My first thought is how many years did this kit sit outside in the weather? Other than the rubber baking in extreme heat and or direct sunlight I can think of no other cause.
        Heat and sun would also have the same effect on the cones if the toms are mesh.
        Good luck.
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          Hi Dr Carrico and welcome to the forum. You have some unusual problems there - could you post some pics of the damage to the cymbals and the wear on the rims? That might help a lot.


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            Welcome to the forums! Yes post some pics.

            It sounds like the entire kit was subjected to some kind of extreme atmosphere (heat, sun, cold, stored in attic or cellar, etc etc). This is the first I've heard on these forums in 5 years of any type of damage like this. If they are in fact Roland cymbals you definitely want to talk to them about it. Even tho it's past warranty, a catastrophic failure like this is worth notifying them about.

            Are the pads mesh? If so, whatever atmosphere effect happened to the cymbals probably affected the foam cones inside the heads that relate to triggering. Foam cones are cheap and easy to replace.

            Are any of the pads working correctly? If so, use the known good pad to check every pad input on the module, cables too. A long process of elimination but might rule out pads being bad vs the module. Again, if the whole kit is wonky, then something happened to the whole kit.

            Hopefully we can help u sort it all out.

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              Yeah, as far as the mesh pads your foam cones most likely need to be replaced as Kenster and others mentioned. If you want to keep the kit factory/stock contact Roland US to purchase replacement cones. You can also purchase the rims from Roland, I think that is the only way they sell the rubber .... along with the rims. There are other choices out there for rim rubber, but again it depends on if you want to keep the kit with original Roland parts (can be important for resale value, used Roland pads/kits have pretty decent resale value). They don't list all the parts on the website, but you can call Roland US for parts that are not listed: http://shop.rolandus.com/c/v-drums-p...on=recommended
              I could tell you where to stick that piezo! ;)
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