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    Anybody used or got one of these? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Kinsman-Clam.../dp/B005GDGE2Y I'm thinking about buying one to put my IPod on. I'm thinking it should fit onto a cymbal arm. Thoughts anyone please? Cheers Kenny

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    ...I have had good success with using some velcro on the back of my iPod case and the matching velcro tape on the rack. I would think you could better position your iPod with velcro than using the shelf.

    I probably have used a mile of craft-store velcro to manage cables and my iPod on my different drum racks.
    My wife has no idea how much I really spend on my toys.


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      Hi module. Are you a Velcro salesman? Lol. You are probably right it would certainly be a practical solution as to how to fix my iPod but Im quite fussy about how my kit looks and this hopefully will look semi-decent.


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        LOL. No, I am not a representative for velcro, but it has been my magic solution to keep my cables and rack looking professional. I made all custom cables for my drum kits and like you I am fussy about drumkit appearance.

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      Looks pretty cool and useful to me.
      I may look for one myself!
      "It makes sense if you dont think about it"

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        Should work for having a iPod on. Although I am certain that there are specific iPod holders for cymbalstand out there, I'm sure that I've seen at least one on Amazon.
        What are you going to use your iPod for when drumming? I'm curious since I've seen some people using their iPods to run DAWs instead of using their computers. I wanna know how well that actually works because, well, better sounds are always nice, right? :P


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          I'm just using my iPod for jamming along to tracks. It could also be handy for placing other items on such as drum keys, metronome if using an acoustic kit and even sticks. Hmmmm...I've just had an idea whilst typing this...I wonder if I could prop up a 7" tablet or iPad mini to play along to YouTube and other online materials?


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            Oh I forgot to mention that I ordered one of these last night from amazon. It gets great reviews online who mostly say that it's a solid piece of kit. I will get back yo you all with how it is when I get it on my kit.


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              Got my gig tray today and Im quite impressed at how robust and sturdy this thing is. It has a knob that you turn to tighten a screw against the spring clamp so it fixes quite solidly to where ever you wish. Its nothing fancy but looks decent, tidys things up a bit and is a great way to store essentials on your kit. Im going to use it for having my ipod on and will probs put a drum key and my sticks on it. Its perfect and superb value for money at this price! Well worth it with free shipping and a very usefil piece of kit.


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                Ok, so a few weeks after I got this and it's soooooooo handy! It's rock solid and tightens very securely to your cymbal arm. In fact I've even rested bottles of beer on it whilst playing! A great multipurpose product at a great price!