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"In between" High Hat sounds

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  • "In between" High Hat sounds

    I know there might already be some discussion on this subject, but its hard to find. I have the TD-10(without the expansion card)I'm not sure if there are any hats with in between open and closed sounds or not without the TDW-1. Before I purchased the drum mod. I was told you could acomplish this with tweaking is that true? Or do I need to get the TDW-1?

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    Can't this be manually tweaked with the throw adjustment on the pedal? I guess that's not the best solution for switching back and forth though.


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      The way that I handle this is to change the edge sound a little. I have the exp, but you can do this without it, though the expansion has some "hi-hat" edge sounds, which sound more convincing with this teak than the normal hats.

      I like the edge to be a bit "cushier" than the head...like the shank of the stick makes rather than the tip. You can also get that "sorta open" sound. Put the same hi-hat sound on the rim as the head and edit the sound so that the decay is a little slower, like maybe +3 or so. This will lengthen the sound. Be careful that you don't add too much though, because the edge will react to opening the pedal as well, the same decay will be applied to the open sound, so it could start to sound looped and unnatural.

      Try that, but you probably want to get the expansion anyway, as the hats are better in general as well as all the other stuff it adds, especially more "real" toms.

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        Other than powering up and then tweaking the throw adjustment, I know of no setting in either TD-10 or TDW-1 which accomplishes this well. Note that the power up remark means everytime you power up, the pedal must be completly open. Then you make the adjustment. Not very convenient.

        The TDW-1 offers HH Edge sounds and a Closed hat sound. Perhaps the tweak was to adjust (lengthen) the decay of the edge sound. You can try that with the TD-10 hats. The edge sound of the TDW-1 might do a little better.

        Some adjustment of compression might also help soften the initial attack when you strike it. The TD-10 compression is useless. You definitely need the exp for that.

        Darn! Red beat me to it.

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          Here is another alternative.... http://members.aol.com/btnkbndt/mykit.html

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            Thanx guys. I'll try some of that stuff. I am planning on getting the TDW-1, anyway. I just have to wait 'till I have some more money.


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              When you get the TDW-1, use the H-H edge sounds on the rim of the H-H pad. Don't use the open H-H, because you won't be able to shut off the sound with the H-H pedal. Drove me nuts!

              Also, to tweak the H-H pedal, push the throw rod down, then tighten the wingnut. It's not like a real H-H where you push the pedal down a bit, and then tighten the nut.
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                Maybe you guyss missunderstood me. Or maybe I missunderstood you. OK, there is a closed sound when the pedal is all the way down, an open sound when the pedal is all the way up. What about an in between sound? Like if the pedal is half way up(or half way down if you're a pessimist). I thought there was a partial open sound depending on how far up or down the pedal was. That is what I was told before the purchase. Is it only possible to do this with the TDW-1?

                BTW I have the Hart Giga Pro/TD-10. So I don't have a PD-9/7 with separate edge and bell sounds.


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                  The FD-7 (Roland) pedal can be adjusted to any "between" setting (like you describe), with the rod and wing nut located on the top rear of the pedal. Problem is, that the desired setting you are after may differ for each of the hat samples and accordingly, from one kit to the next.

                  Also, when you shut off the TD-10 and restart, the TD-10 sends/receives test voltage to/from the FD-7 to sense where "open" is. If you haven't reset the rod position back to fully open before powering back up, the hat will work funny because its calibration will be off. (That's also why, the hat misbehaves similarly if you power up with the pedal is depressed, same thing.)

                  In other words, you can do exactly what you are after, manually, with an FD-7 pedal, but you will probably have to adjust it differently for many/any one of the hat sounds. Also, you will need to remember to release and move the rod back to the full out position before you shut down, or when you power back on next time, it will be screwed up. If that happens, to fix, just set it back to full out, power off and then back on, and you're back to default again. The TD-10 re-tests like this every time.

                  Now, all that said, I bet you don't have an FD-7. If not, check out some of the other suggestions.

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                    The inbetween sound is not adjustable. It takes some real getting used to at first as compared to an acoustic hat. The area you achieve the partially open sound in is quite small. I've always disliked not being able to adjust this.

                    Someone needs to come up with a pedal that utilizes a three switch type setup with adjustments as to where they will trip. This way you could adjust to your actual playing style.


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                      So the TDW-1 doesn't help this either, huh? I thought the main difference between the Roland and Alesis mods was that the HH pedal was variable instead of just a switch. This is supposed to be the case, but doesn't seem so.


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                        It is variable as in you get open, closed and inbetween(partial), just not adjustable.


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                          <<<< Someone needs to come up with a pedal that utilizes a three switch type setup with adjustments as to where they will trip. This way you could adjust to your actual playing style. >>>>

                          Actually, the problem is for me that there is such a small space that the change takes course over that it is really difficult to stay there, whereas on a real hat, there's (at least a potential) space to play a bit more. I would think that a differently rated potentiometer (or whatever is in there) would change this, as there would be more in between levels, so there could be a bit more distance or "throw" to them.

                          That is all...

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                            I've since played the high hat raising the pedal very slow, and I think I found where the inbetween sound is. It is a very small amount of space. I can barely hear it when it happens. Sometimes I'm not sure if it actualy happens. I'm probably going to lower the foot board a little, and see if that makes any difference.

                            When I do foot clicks (or whatever they're called) it seems like my foot goes down for miles before it makes any sound. So even if the lowering of the foot board doesn't help the other problem, I think it might help that.


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                              Lowering the footboard didn't seem to help the inbetween HH sound. Now its barely noticable. However, as I thought it does respond better. It is easier to do foot clicks now.