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Simmons DA200S

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  • Simmons DA200S

    I have owned my Roland TD-4 for 4 years now and owned a Simmons DA50 for the same amount of time. I recently wanted an upgrade to my sound so I bought the Simmons DA200S. I initially plugged my drumset into the 200S alone. I was not pleased. It sounded really dull and I tried to mess with the knobs and still had no satisfaction. It all sounded really low heavy. The only thing I liked about it was the kick of the sub woofer. I plugged my drums into both of my amps and got satisfaction but the 200S by itself sounded horrible in my opinion. I have read many reviews about the amp and almost everyone seems extremely pleased with it which made me concerned. Without my DA50 the DA200 sounds really bad and I would never use it by itself. Did I get a defective amp or am I missing something?

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    Not to be Captain Obvious, but have you tried turning the Master up and the Sub volume knob down on the DA200S? Should relieve the muddiness and give a more balanced sound. It just sounds like the sub is overpowering everything else.
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