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  • TD-11

    I lost the links for some more drum sounds.......I saw them earlier and didn't copy them....there were two links referenced...anyone here help me out....thanks.

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    Did you check out the VEX kits...$30 for 30 kits, much better than the Roland stock kits. When you download the 30 kits, you can keep 20 of the original kits for your total of 50. I don`t really have any reason to use these 20 however as the VEX ones are better.
    Roland TD-11: PD-105 snare, PDX-100 toms (3); CY-13R ride; CY-12 crash (2); KD-9 kick; Iron Cobra HP900 kick pedal; VH-10 hi-hat; Iron Cobra HH605 hi-hat stand; Simmons DA200s monitor; Sony MDR-7520 and Audioquest Nightowl headphones; AD2; VEX Apex, Sync, Icons, Boost, Masters 1-2; Drum-Tec LA Studios, Real Acoustic, Alternate Rock Sound Editions


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      +1 on VEX