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  • midi

    I have read a lot about downloading midi (i have TD8 kit, just got it). The guy at the shop has sent me two cables with din plugs on either end but i have nothing like that to connect to in my PC. Do i need an adapter or something? Thanks in advance.

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    Yes, you have two options:
    1. Buy a soundcard with midi sockets built in (e.g. Soundblaster Audigy Platinum), cost approx 150 quid. This gives you lots of other features besides midi sockets.
    2. Buy a PC midi interface. I have one TO SELL that gives you 2 midi in and 2 midi out for your PC. My one plugs into an ISA slot (hence why I'm selling, I only have PCI). You can have mine for 25 quid inc postage. It's a Midiman Winman 2x2. Or get something similar on eBay etc.

    Hope that helps (please excuse the sales pitch)!