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Would a Roland module have less latency than an Alesis D4?

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  • Would a Roland module have less latency than an Alesis D4?

    So Iíve noticed that when I trigger with an Alesis D4 module, thereís a slight bit of latency between when I strike the drum and when the sample is activated. For the most part, it doesnít bother me too much for the bass drum, but the snare latency kind of throws me off, especially when Iím playing blastbeats.
    Iím using a Roland trigger for the bass drum and an Aquarian inHead snare head. Iíve heard some people say that a Roland module will react faster. Can anyone confirm this?

    I'm also wondering if it is easier to trigger an unmuffled bass drum with a Roland module? For a time, I was able to get very accurate triggering with my D4 but recently, I've been getting lots of false and double triggering. After going through every combination of settings I can think of, I just cranked the tension on the batter head and stuffed the drum completely full with a blanket and it triggers perfectly, but I'd really like to be able to mic and trigger the bass drum at some point so I can blend the two sounds.

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    I imagine the Roland modules (particularly the newer ones) will have lower internal latency, since it was one of the bullet points in the feature lists for the TD11, TD15, and TD30. I think MIDI latency is around 4ms for those modules.

    As for your bass drum, what's happening is that when unmuffled; you're getting a lot of additional vibrations and resonance causing false triggering, because the signal isn't very clean. You say you've tried tweaking your Alesis D4? - I don't know if it has the settings you need to fix this in that case, or it just can't interpret the Roland trigger properly.

    You should be able to gain reliable triggering regardless the drum, providing you have it dialled in. Again, I imagine if you had a Roland module that officially supports the trigger, you'll be able to solve that.

    By the sounds of it, it looks like the Roland TM-2 was made for you. 2 inputs, to enhance bass & snare on an acoustic kit.
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      IMO running kits directly from the module, I experience virtually no latency. However, running VST sounds is another issue, particularly on my quite limited laptop's sound card.


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        It will be faster than the 1991 latency that the D4 will have but swapping to a Roland module seems a bit expensive for just a trigger interface,