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Help Calling Back a TD 30 Kit from Sequencer

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  • Help Calling Back a TD 30 Kit from Sequencer

    I am having problems recording and playing back CHANGING to a DIFFERENT KIT on my TD 30. I checked the relevant pages in the manual, also checked that MIDI Receive and Transmit options are on. I tried recording from the buttons and dial, also with a pedal, i can see the pedal midi info being received by my DAW (Ableton Live 9.1) but no changes are sent back. Midi in is set to TD-30 all channels, midi out sent to td-30 channel 10. Please help
    TD-30, PD-128-BC, PD-108-BC, PD-120, KD-120, VH-13, CY-15R, CY-12C, SPD-S, some DAUZ PADS. HANDSONIC HPD1O, LP UDONGO. MACBOOK OSX 10.7.5