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vater stick without logo!

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  • vater stick without logo!

    ordered from the internet(ebay) three pairs vate fusion hickory sticks.when the received the drumsticks was without writing anything.without logo and model (etc fusion,5a,gospel)I sent mail to the supplier and i said it vater drumstics but most important fair for musical instruments in U.s.a. from vater stage.
    it's a true?no such see no logo and type from vater?
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    The seller was from germany. It didn't had any photo of the item at all.
    when i asked the seller about the missing logo he told me that they are genuine VATER drumsticks and that he bought a case of 50 pairs from an Vater exhibition held at the U.S
    the drumsicks i received look a lot like the VATER fusion modelwith no VATER logo on them. Is it a copy of the original or just a cheaper VATER version?


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      I'd suggest that you contact Vater and ask them.
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        What barryabko said.
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          Some companies do sell B stock - with cosmetic blemishes, but if you bought what you thought were regular stock, that's not right.
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            Hmmmm sounds fishy to me.