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Thoughts on DW3000 DB pedal?

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  • Thoughts on DW3000 DB pedal?

    Didnt find too much on the search for this pedal on here but how are they DW3000 double bass pedals? fluid? quick? I heard they are on the heavy side?

    and is $150 a good price for a near perfect shape used one? (about $135 US)

    TD-30 , DW3000 Double pedal, 3XCY-12, 2XCY14, Cy15R. 3XPD105, 3XPD125, VH12 hats, Yorkville powered 1000W P.A

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    I don't thin that I've played one, but I was interested in those back when I was searching for a couple of new pedals. I've heard many good things about them but the best would be to try a pair before you buy since your personal preferences might not like them.


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      My experience with pedals is go to a store with a clear return policy, keep the box and all packing materials and play for a couple of hours. I don't think Buddy Rich knew exactly how he liked a pedal, a drum, or a cymbal until he played on it for a whole. If I learned anything on these forums is that with all the sincerity in the world, what you think of a product really can't matter to me! It has to my decision! Good luck . Both Dw and Tama make good pedals. I own speed cobras right now. I have owned Dw 5000 and 9000 and pearl Eliminators. It's really not the pedal so much after adjusted to your likes, it is your technique. Good luck, both are good brands!

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    should I go for the above mentioned DB pedal or go for a Tama Iron Cobra DB pedal for $250 CAN? worth the extra 100 bucks? huge jump in quality or just minimal?

    TD-30 , DW3000 Double pedal, 3XCY-12, 2XCY14, Cy15R. 3XPD105, 3XPD125, VH12 hats, Yorkville powered 1000W P.A


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      Well the Iron.Cobras are quite famous for their build quality and feel. I don't know how much 100 dollars is for you personally, but I have always enjoyed playing Cobras when I've gotten the chance.


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        I have the 3000 single and it is fine for me but, I really do not have any experience with others. It is built very solid like all other things DW.
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          I have the DW7000 dual chain which I think has been replaced by the DW3000. It's a good pedal but I just got GAS and bought the DW9000. I'm looking forward to getting it. Now thinking about the DW9000 hi hat stand to replace my DW7000.
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