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TD-20 cymbal triggers demo track. How do I stop it?

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  • TD-20 cymbal triggers demo track. How do I stop it?

    Hi guys... I just picked up a used TD-20 with no manual, it's my first electronic kit and almost every kit in the module seems to have a demo track that is triggered when I hit a specific cymbal. I can hit stop on the module but it pretty much renders the cymbal unusable. I cant find anything online and so far have not found what I'm looking for in the manual PDF I downloaded.

    It seems like this is a default setting and most people would have unset this so I'm surprised to find few threads here searching for "demo song" and similarly few via google, all unrelated

    Please help!
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    Probably just a pad pattern (I don't think demo songs can be triggered from a pad).

    Set Pad Pattern to OFF at INST, CONTROL, PATTERN (Page 35).

    (After hitting or selecting that cymbal.)