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TD-20x Compression

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  • TD-20x Compression

    Anybody have any insight into the "individual" compressors in the TD20X?

    I haven't used my internal compressors for ever. Typically, I run through a mixer and process each audio output separately. I do the sound, recording and anything else tech related in my band.
    I used to love this thing but having played my Gretsch kit for the last 2 years, micd, processed and monitored with speakers and/or in-ears, I'm having a real hard time getting the response right on this TD-20 thing. Aarrgh.

    I used to run this module 10 direct outs, dry, into my mixing console and do all my processing there. I never had any issues getting the compression and eq set right where I liked it. All my equipment is over at our rehearsal studio, so I figured I'd set up the e-kit at home and get some much needed practice time in. You know the drill, set up the kit, tension the heads, tweak the trigger settings, load up some VEX kits, put in the in-ears and carry on.

    It's not what I remember playing and recording, at all.

    Out of frustration, I backed up the kits that used to sound great, very hard to identify them as an e-kit in the mix, and defaulted the module to start over again. Damn.

    I have a hard time wrapping my head around a compressor that gives no indication of input, output or threshold levels, no indication of where it is in the signal chain, (pre/post eq), and its really hard for me to adjust these internal compressors to my liking when I'm beating on the drum. I don't play the same when hitting a drum with one hand while negotiating the screen on the td-20x, so everything changes once I start playing. I suppose recording into the module and then playing that back and tweaking while the module plays would work?

    Maybe these compressors just aren't as good as what I'm used to hearing?

    Typically I am able to mangle a sound beyond all recognition with a compressor. More educational than useful, obviously, but the thresholds, attack and release times in the TD-20 just don't seem very "tweakable" to my ear?

    The Main compressors in the module seem to be a little better, just wish they didn't affect the entire stereo mix. Mix In, for example, goes through the Main Compressor on it's way to the headphone jack. Too bad.

    I would prefer not to set up another mixer just to play these things again........

    Any suggestions? I've played v-drums since the TD-10 was released and I feel like a complete newb. LOL