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Adding more trigger inputs to SPD-SX

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  • Adding more trigger inputs to SPD-SX

    I'd like to use an Alesis Trigger IO as an additional trigger input module on the SPD-SX but I can't figure out how to get the 2 boxes talking. I've tried connecting the 2 using MIDI and USB but no luck in triggering sounds in the SPD with the Alesis. Has anybody got this working or any ideas on how I could get this working?

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    are they on the same midi channel?


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      yup on the same channel


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        Hi bt430,

        Lets see if we can help Firstly i've made a few assumptions otherwise this post will be too long.
        - Firstly, you can't add 'EXTRA' trigger-able sounds by adding the Alesis Trigger I/O (ATI/O) (what I mean is you are stuck with 12 sounds at a time. 9 for the pads on the SPD-SX, and 4 for the trigger inputs on the back) However you can trigger any of those sounds from an external device VIA midi. I'm guessing this is what you are trying to do.
        - Secondly i'm assuming you are connecting them using a MIDI cable from the MIDI-OUT of the Alesis, connected to the MIDI-IN on the SPD-SX.

        Ok so lets get down to brass tacks...
        - On your SPD-SX, press "MENU --> KIT --> MIDI (3rd soft key on the bottom of screen)"
        - Select the PAD you want to edit and note the MIDI Channel and NOTE# (or change to what you want it to be)
        - Then on your ATI/O make sure the trigger input here matched the Channel and NOTE# of the pad you are trying to activate

        Let me know how you go from there and we will cross the next bridge once you write back