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TD-15 and USB Audio problems

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  • TD-15 and USB Audio problems

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    I don't know Mac versions or how old yours is, but with my 11 year old HP laptop now running windows 7, it works very easily using Audacity. So it should be even easier on a Mac.

    are you sure you downloaded the correct drivers? If so, and I know you already said you set it up right, but you have to be missing something. In Audacity, set the Input and the Output device to TD15. Make sure the Mic level is up as well. Press record and start playing something. Does it still not record?
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      Originally posted by kzil

      Wanting to record *the audio* from my TD-15 on my Mac (OSX 10.9 Mavericks), I installed the latest USB drivers from Roland, and connected my TD-15 with a USB cable. Immediately I can see the TD-15 44,100 input in the audio settings on the Mac, I can choose them as default input – but no sound what-so-ever comes through. Tried Audacity and Garageband – no sound i recorded.

      The USB volume on the TD-15 is set to 100. Any ideas on where to look?

      In the Control Panel, where you selected the TD-15 as input, does it show you the "VU-meter"? Play with it when you select the internal microphone (you should see it go up as you speak), and then select the TD-15 and play something on the drums. See if that reacts.
      If yes, you have to start looking at Audacity & Garageband to make sure they pick the right input. If no, you need to check if there's anything to set on your TD-15 (output volume or similar?) that would determine the signal level for the audio going out via USB.

      -- Greg