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Free downloads of mp3 or wav....

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  • Free downloads of mp3 or wav....

    Can anyone suggest some sites for downloading free mp3 or wav files for practicng?

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    You can listen to and play along with songs on YouTube for practicing.
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      Spotify works quite well also. There is a "free" version available, although you will receive ads. The best thing to do here is to click/open the next song you want to play before the current one finishes, then no commercials. Otherwise, there is the "unlimited" version available for around $5.00 a month with no ads. They have most every artist available. The big thing here is you must have an internet connection and be on-line to listen. Works perfect with my TD-11.


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        Thanks, I got my kit up and running yesterday..........with the help of a new laptop.......ugh!!!! $$$$$$$
        But I have got "Friends Jam" and you tube, rudiments play.......all that stuff. Now to just get my chops back in order and I'll be good to go.............I don't know where, but I'll get there..


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          You may also want to look at Roland's Drum Tudor. It has some advanced patterns, as well as the beginner stuff that that your talent is most likely beyond.


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            There are a couple of threads that post the links to websites that feature FREE drum less mp3s or do a Google search for drum less tracks and you will find TONS out there.
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              Thanks a bunch....gonna check it out......


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                Drummit has a number of resources: http://www.reddit.com/r/drums/wiki/drumless

                I started organizing, tagging and deduplicating all the drumless tracks I found, but it's a long project. One nice thing about Spotify (I use Clementine to connect to it) is that you can build a playlist with both the drumless track (on your computer) and the original (streaming), so you can play with the original artist first and then go to it by yourself.