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Which kit to own

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  • Which kit to own

    Hi gang, new to the form and need some advice. I'm a beginner drummer and currently own the HD-3. Love the kit and what it does, yet the size of the kit is too small for my size. I'm wanting to sell the hd-3 and upgrade, yet heres my question? I have no plans on recording or mixing, but want the large size kit of the TD-30k. Should I go with the td-15k and add a symbol and tom? Just don't think that the brain on the td-30 would be a waste for me.
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    Welcome to the forum, ski4257!

    If you don't mind, I would like to ask you to be 'beta-tester' for our 'vdrums.com Beginners' Questionnaire'...!

    Fill out the form - put an 'X' in all the boxes that you feel are appropriate for you!

    The vdrums.com Beginners' Questionnaire:

    What's your technical skill level?

    [ ] Absolute Beginner (without any prior knowledge)
    [ ] Beginner (with a few notions)

    [ ] Inrtermediate (with some knowledge)
    [ ] Advanced (with knowledge)
    [ ] Professional (with particular wishes and requirements)
    [ ] Other (please specify)

    I've been playing drums for _____ year(s).

    Do you already have a kit?

    [ ] I already own an acoustic kit
    [ ] I already own an electronic kit
    [ ] I don't yet own a kit
    [ ] I owned one or several kits before and looking for a new one
    [ ] I already have a module (please specify)
    [ ] I already have some pads I want to use (please specify)
    [ ] I already have some hardware pieces

    What are you looking for?

    [ ] Complete kit
    [ ] Shellset
    [ ] Shellset with hardware
    [ ] Module only
    [ ] Multi Pad
    [ ] A-to-E Conversion
    [ ] Other (please specify)

    What do you need it for?

    [ ] As a solid gigging kit
    [ ] Something to play VSTs thru
    [ ] Recording only
    [ ] Practice kit
    [ ] Home noodler
    [ ] Other (please specify)

    Do you need a Sampling-option and/or internal sounds?

    [ ] I want to load in my own samples
    [ ] I need internal sounds
    [ ] I don't need sounds, just something to control MIDI
    [ ] Other (please specify)

    What's your budget?

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    [ ] $ 500-1000
    [ ] $ 1000-1500
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    [ ] $ 5000 and beyond

    [ ] Buying used is an option
    [ ] I'd prefer buying new
    [ ] Both options are okay with me
    [ ] Other (please specify)

    [ ] Buying piece-by-piece is an option
    [ ] I'd prefer buying all at once

    What music do you play?

    [ ] I'm playing preferably Rock / Metal
    [ ] I'm playing Rock / Pop
    [ ] I'm playing Jazz
    [ ] I prefer an allround-kit
    [ ] Other (please specify)

    Happy Drumming!

    Greetings from Switzerland,
    - Dänoh

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      oh.. I posted my long question and then read this thread ... almost the same as my question hehe
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