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How I revived my 9 year old FD-8 HH pedal

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  • How I revived my 9 year old FD-8 HH pedal

    Just sharing...

    To fix my FD-8 HH pedal, I had to remove the rubber "finger", cover it with Vaseline, put it in a baggy with Canola oil, and let it sit in the Sun for a few hours.
    This made it flexible enough to start working again.

    My vdrums have sat mostly idle for the past 5 years due to kids. At some point, they used to bounce on the various pedals for fun. When I tried to play again this weekend, I observed that the HH pedal was no longer doing anything, and of course, suspected that my kids had abused it too much....not true!

    These two YouTube videos essentially taught me everything I needed to fix this.
    Learn how to fix the sensitivity issue of an FD8 hi hat pedal with a screwdriver and Vaseline. (petrolium jelly)Buy the rubber piece here: http://amzn.to/2py...

    Tu donación me ayuda a continuar elaborando este canal, gracias. Toda contribución, por pequeña que sea, es bienvenida: http://tinyurl.com/oujfrsaLos pedale...

    The first one was all that was really necessary, but they never explained what we should be expecting of the rubber finger.
    In my case, the finger was rigid.
    The electronics appeared to be working. Pulling out the cable would cause HH sounds to trigger from the module.
    Also, if I tapped on the leads area of the transducer (the resistor pad on the plate), I heard HH sounds trigger,
    so this was a good sign.

    The key here is that the rubber finger needs to be very flexible. After letting it sit in Vaseline and oil, in the sun for a
    couple of hours, the finger was now both flexible and slightly squishy.

    To test that this was "squishy enough", I plugged in the FD-8 with all of the housing removed from the floor plate,
    held the squishy rubber finger in it's spot, and tested what the module would do when tapping down on the "hammer"
    end of the finger. Viola...it started working again! Good as new.

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    Also, I found Hiroshi's comment useful from this post: http://www.vdrums.com/forum/forum/ad...olume-and-feel
    In the case of determining volume for both 'chick' and 'splashes', the module looks to see how quickly the resistance dropped from infinite (foot off) to zero (foot closed); the faster the drop, the louder the volume assigned to the chick or splash will be. Slow change means soft volume; fast change means louder volume.
    Btw, apologies if this was already a known issue. I tried the search function on this forum and found that "fd-8" would pull up nothing, while "fd 8" would pull up a lot of posts that were not relevant.


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      I did the fix a couple of years ago. It when I first joined the forum because I was looking for a solution to the FD8 problem. The fix worked great. You can find great advice and solutions in this forum.
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