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Roland HD-1 Without Module

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  • Roland HD-1 Without Module

    I got a lead on a Roland HD-1 kit for $60. After talking to the guy I realized the kit doesn't have a module. He tells me he just "plugs the pads into his laptop" and it works great. I have a Presonus Audiobox 44VSL interface which has MIDI inputs. I was planning on using it so I can just use samples from my computer instead of the module's sounds, but I figured I would need the module to send the signal to my interface. Is there a way this kit will be able to interface with my computer without a module? $60 would still probably be worth it even if I had to spend more for a replacement module, but I'm trying to figure out if that would be necessary. Sorry for the super newbie question and thanks for any help.

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    As I think you've guessed, there will not be any plugging of pads into a laptop. You'll need an interface of some sort. It's at this point that I recomend a megadrum but any module will do.


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      Thanks for the response! When I pressed the seller some more I figured out that he just didn't know the terms "module" or "brain" or whatever. He meant he would plug the MIDI out of the module into his laptop. Duh. After a good scrubbing it's not bad for a first e-kit, especially for $60. Thanks for the help!