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Can I split crashes on TD11

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  • Can I split crashes on TD11


    Had a quick search through the forums and can't seem to find a definitive answer on this one.
    Is it possible to use a splitter cable on 'Crash 1' and 'Crash 2' and turn them into 4 single zone cymbals on the TD11?


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    Actually it'll be the 2 toms that I want to split.
    Just been on the drumsplitters website and they do seem to support the TD11.
    Can anyone confirm they work with this module before I place an order?


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      I split tom1 on my TD-11 and added another tom. As a test, I just changed it to my second crash and hooked it up to the 2nd cymbal - worked perfect. So yes, you can do that.
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        Hi guys, I realise this thread is a bit old but wondering if you can help. I am trying to split my TD-11 'Crash 2' and 'Tom' inputs. I bought two splitters from drumsplitters.com. The Tom splits brilliantly using - I now have a Jobeky cowbell running off the rim of Tom 2. The 'Crash 2' input does not split so well. I'm trying to run two cymbals off it. The 'head' input works fine with full velocity range. However, the cymbal plugged into the 'rim' input doesn't always trigger. Soft hits trigger the 'Head' sound and it is only when I really smash the 'Rim' cymbal that I get the 'Rim' sound. Have you guys managed to get the 'Crash 2' input to split effectively? All help appreciated. Many thanks.


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          Bumping this thread up because I'm having the exact same problem.

          I have a TD-11 module and recently purchased 2 DrumSplitters. I used the first to split T1 (tom 1) so I could add a splash cymbal (using a CY-5). And with the second one, I tried to split CR1 (crash 1) and add another tom (using a PD-4KP). Splitting T1 worked perfect after some fiddling with the settings, but CR1 is doing the same thing the poster above mentions. The tom (PD-4KP) works perfectly, but the cymbal (CY-8) only triggers intermittently at best (maybe 2 of 10 REALLY HARD strikes). Until seeing this post I thought I was the only one with this issue. I tried every configuration I could think of; and am confident my hardware (pads, cymbals, splitters and cables) is all in perfect working order. I also tried splitting CR2 instead but with same results. Not to mention it was all working fine before adding the splitters. It seems as if you can't split cymbals, but even the website says its for T1, T2, T3, CR1, and Ride. Any insight would be appreciated.

          At this point, I have just upgraded my ride to the CY-13r and will have an extra CY-8. So I think I'm going to use the other splitter to make use of that and add a cymbal. But would like to know what is wrong cause it seems that not too many people have had this issue. Plus I really want to add the other drum...and uh...I don't want to have to use T2 to do it! ;p


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            You can't split a input because the cymbals use a piezoelectric pick up for the velocity detection and a switch for the edge. The velocity is measured by the piezo no matter if you hit the body or the edge, and the switch tells the module if it was a edge hit or not. So if you split these 2 inputs the pad you assign to the edge input won't give you any sound it will just tell the module if it was a rim hit or not.