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My finding with the aquarian inhead/ rimshot on my td30

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  • My finding with the aquarian inhead/ rimshot on my td30

    Purchased this to try and must say it triggers fantastically.i have the drum stuffed with pillow foam to lessen the noise and since I use it live ,the volume isn't and issue. I wanted to post to shed some light on how the head and rim shot work together on the td30. The package came with a splitter and tells you that you have to split the rimshot out to a separate channel, this is not entirely true. lets say if you want a snare on the head and a cow bell on the rim.if you use one input( no splitter) you will not be able to accomplish this.on the td30 (maybe other roland as well ,don't know) the module uses input from both the head an rim to get a rim shot.if you hit only the rim and not the head you will get NO SOUND because the FSR sensor doesn't feed the rim portion of the signal from the head and no hit will be detected.In this scenario you need to split the rim to a 2nd input for the cow bell. If you play your snare as a regular acoustic snare you do not need to split the signal,the back beat is triggered because you hit the head and rim at the same time.it work flawlessly ,other than there is absolutely no possibility for a cross stick sound.rim alone will not trigger. You will need to set up a separate pad for cross stick. Because the head is FSR it will not falsely trigger due to hitting the side of the drum or from sympathetic vibrations.the rimshot will because it is a piezo but only if it is split into a separate channel. If used on the single snare input it has to see the input from the head to trigger so in this scenario there is also no false triggering of the rim.this is huge benefit when playing live where ( for me at least) the guitar volumes on 11 would cause acassional mis triggering of my snare. I now have a snare drum set at zero threshold for live use that triggers immaculately.I am very happy !!
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    interesting...I have the td-20sx and tried one of the onheads and thought it was horrible....I also tried an inhead and it was great!...I have since tried the onhead again before I was going to send it back and was pleasantly suprised...I used the pd-125x settings and increased the sens and the gain and it has been awsome....I am re thinking my whole set up and using the new pads on acoustic drums.