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Vh-11 headache on TD-11

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  • Vh-11 headache on TD-11

    I just "upgraded" from my cy-5/fd-8 to a Vh-11 and I'm losing my mind over it. I hooked it up, 3 mm apart, setting on Vh-11, fiddled with the sensitivity and open-close adjustment but I cannot for the life of me get consistent splashes out of this thing. I've been working on this for hours trying to figure it out. I had no issues on my fd-8 set up. Is there anyone who had similar issues, or has tips/settings that could help me? Does anyone have a TD-11 and Vh-11 set up that works correctly?

    The only other thing running through my mind is that I did purchase the Vh-11 through ebay, it is possible that it is faulty. Any help would be appreciated...