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Drum monitor recommendations uk

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  • Drum monitor recommendations uk

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    Last edited by Kabonfaiba; 04-08-14, 10:34 AM.
    ◾ Diamond Drums 4pc in Di-Noc carbon ◾ 2box DrumIt 5 MKII
    ◾ Roland UA-1010 / cymbals / KT-10 (x2) ◾ Tama / Gibraltar hardware ◾ JBL LSR3 Series 2.1 Monitoring ◾ Pearl THMP-1
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      Thanks for your reply, it would be mainly for home use, however it would be nice to have something that could cover small gigs too. I'm not even in a band yet so the gigging is very much a secondary thing at the moment but I would rather get something that could do both if push comes to shove rather than buy twice if you know what I mean. I have seen both cm220 and 110 on the Internet and they are on my list of considerations, however I haven't heard them in the flesh, my guess would be that the 110 wouldn't be anywhere near good enough for gigging though.


      • Kabonfaiba
        Kabonfaiba commented
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        Yea, I thought the same as you do. Spending all that money, surely its possible to buy a monitor that can do it all right? Sadly, it's not possible without great expense.

        The Lucas Nano won't cut it next to a big PA system; and it's really harsh to be using as a personal drum monitor at close range. The CM-220 is built for home practicing in a quiet room. Having 2 giant JBL EONs in my bedroom is not fit for purpose or for everyday PC usage and high power bill. Wearing headphones just makes me sweat buckets while drumming, and getting custom in-ear monitors made is so difficult in my area. Best just hope you can find a band with their own PA equipment you can hijack lol. - Which is why I'm looking to invest in a Roland Octa-capture for just such an occasion should it ever occur, amongst other factors :-)