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What to do with old Tom pad

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  • What to do with old Tom pad

    Hi, I upgraded my td11kv snare to a pdx 100 and moved the old snare to Tom 1, any ideas what I can do with my old Tom now, can I utilise it at all or is it a case of try and sell it, cheers, Dusty.

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    You could probably use it as a side snare, an extra tom or percussion sounds like cowbells or woodblocks


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      Thanks for your reply, but I'm not very technical with this kit as yet so how do I go about plugging that in to my module?


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        You need another cable and you can plug it in to the Aux. jack on the module. You could use it for bongos using the rim and head.
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          Great idea, I like it even better than the woodblock, cowbell that I had suggested, cool!


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            If you were disco music, you could use it as a side snare for a handclap lol


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              Yeah something like bongos is always fun to have! You could also use it to trigger guitarloops or such to play along to


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                Something to contrast the warmer, wooden tom-sound.... Something cutting, more metallic....

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                  I was thinking maybe just keep it around ad a practice pad that you could use triggered when and if the spirit moves you