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using mds-12 cables to connect with td-9 module

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  • using mds-12 cables to connect with td-9 module

    Is there a way to using mds-12 cable to connect it to td-9 module ?

    Is there connector between PL and td-9 connector ?

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    I'm pretty sure you'd need to build something called a "breakout box" for the TD9. I'm sure a forum search will turn up a thread or two on the subject.


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      Shsme the connectors on the cable snakes werent the same for each module. Roland maximising profits again? Surely not lol


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        I know you are trying to work with what you have, bit possibly by your done buying whatever adapters you need for the job , you could probably sell the td 9 module for 400 450 US and get a td 12 module do a couple of bucks more and that will work as a plug in to that rack. Better module less hassle. But, if you are sold on sticking with what you have , there are guys here that will come up with a solution for you. Good luck