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Headphone suggestions for TD-30KV set

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  • Headphone suggestions for TD-30KV set

    Hello Vdrum members.

    Could anyone suggest a good sounding, light headphone for both practice or gigging?
    I have an older KOSS, but it's been popping in one ear. I've been recommended to look at either Audio-Technica ATH-M35 or the Sennheiser HD 449 ? Anyone with experience with either of these models or the Brands?

    Thanks in advance! Appreciate the input!

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    I don't have any experience with the models you mentioned but if you're considering the AudioTechnica route, you can't go wrong with the ATH-M50. They are often praised as the best "bang for the buck" choice. From my experience, they provide good noise isolation and comfort and great performance. While they can handle the lowest lows, they aren't overly bass heavy like many "DJ style" choices are.
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      I have the ATH-M40 and ATH-M50 The 40 is about half the cost and maybe 3/4 as good as the 50. I use the 40 for monitoring an overall mix of music it doesn't quite have the clarity or bass response of the 50 but the 40 is nice for the purpose it is used more of an overall studio monitor. I have found nothing that comes close to the 50 for drum monitoring. You can find many reviews comparing the 35 to the 40 and the 40 wins every time by quite a bit. YMMV of course.
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        Thanks for the info! I'll find a local Dealer for the ATH lineup and go testing. Now I know I'm not looking at the wrong Brand!


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          Here's another point of view.

          After wearing cans, cranking up the volume to cover hitting noise and getting my ears sweaty, I tried a pair of Westone IEM.

          They are very light, amazingly comfortable, especially with the foam tips, and they block out outside noise, like HH hits, so I can lower the sound volume and save my ears. Oh, and my ears are not sweaty anymore!

          One of the best thing I ever bought.
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            Surprisingly, I've really enjoyed using these: http://www.target.com/p/bose-ae2-bla...e%20headphones
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              Sennheiser 280 Pro. Over the ear. Light. Nice flat response.


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                Alan, how were they as far as noise isolation goes ,could you hear the pad and cymbal strikes while playing? Been playing Sennheiser 280's forever so I don't know what other bands play like . I hear good things about A T 50's and also Beyerdynamic 770's for e drumming . When I think of Bose I think more for a DJ application or just listening to music, but I really don't have any experience to back that up
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                • Alan VEX
                  Alan VEX commented
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                  The pair I linked (and use) are not noise-canceling. I can't stand noise-canceling. lol I can barely hear the playing, but that's only if I'm playing something soft. Otherwise, I don't hear myself playing. I kind of play my headphones loud though.